Sagi Doron entrepreneurship and management of real estate projects

Sagi Doron Entrepreneurship and Projects is a real estate development and a project management company. 


The company’s main activities are real estate Development, Urban Renewal ,TAMA 38  projects, developing and improving the assets. 

The company aims to bring added value for properties by improving the buildings, its purpose, and the infrastructure all according the authorities vision for the entire area.

Established by the entrepreneur Sagi Doron, urban renewal expert, who established in the last decade, investment groups in Israel and abroad in the fields of real estate development on a significant scale to create hundreds of residential units


Prior, Sagi Doron held a number of senior positions in the field of technology and finance in Israel and abroad and conducted a Subsidiary of a listed public company (NASDAQ) in the field of finance and investments under the regulation of the U.S. stock market and the financial regulations of the EU.